2017 Seoul Regional Meeting Papers

“Economic Freedom: Roads to Prosperity

May 7-10, 2017

Presidential Address:
“Economic Policy of a Free Society” by Prof. Peter J. Boettke

Keynote Speech:
“New Threats that the MPS Should Deal With” by Dr. Vaclav Klaus

Session 1:
“Thoughts for Tigers” by Prof. Pedro Schwartz Giron
“Regulations and Economic Freedom” by Prof. Herbert Grubel

Session 2:
“Go Beyond GDP: A Breakthrough in Macroeconomics” by Dr. Mark Skousen
“Statecraft and Liberal Reform in Western Democracies” by Dr. Nils Karlson
“How the Campaign Against Economic Inequality Undermines Political Equality” by Dr. Yaron Brook

Luncheon Speech:
“Advancing Freedom: Key To Ensuring South Korea’s Greater Future” by Dr. Edwin J. Feulner

Session 3:
“Freedom and Welfare: Taxation in the Liberal Tradition” by Prof. Robert Lawson
“Freedom & Welfare: Minimizing Taxation in a Minimal State” by Dr. Benjamin Powell

Dinner Speech:
“Laissez Evoluer” by Mr. Geoil Bok

Session 5:
“Remarks on central banking in times of change” by Dr. Jacob A. Frenkel
“Monetary Policy for a Post-Crisis World” by Prof. John B. Taylor
“Lessons in Managing Fiat Currencies” by Dr. Jerry Jordan

Session 6:
“Ethics of Pure Entrepreneurship : An Austrian Economics Perspective” by Prof. Israel Kirzner
“Uncertainty in Economic Analysis and the Economic Analysis of Uncertainty” by Prof. Lars Peter Hansen
“Adam Smith on Moral Sentiments and the Wealth of Nations: Trust Games; Emergence of Property; Wealth Creation” by Prof. Vernon Smith

Luncheon Speech:
“Entrepreneurial Inspiration” by Prof. Israel Kirzner

Session 7:
“South Korea’s National Security and Unification” by Gen. (Ret.) Hee Sang Kim

Session 8:
“Korea’s Economic Miracle: Government-led or Market-driven?” by Dr. Randall Jones
“Evaluating the Korean Growth Model: Implications for Developing Economies in the 21st Century” by Prof. Deepak Lal
“Korea’s Trade Relations and FTA Policy” by Prof. Tae-Ho Bark

Session 9:
“Market Economy and Economic Democratization in Korea” by Dr. Jin Kwon Hyun
“Economic Growth and the Role of a National Leader” by Prof. Jae Wook Ahn
“Labor Reform in Korea” by Prof. Ki Seong Park

Young Scholar Session:
“Deposit Insurance and Growth” by Thomas L. Hogan
“Banning Bitcoin” by Prof. William J. Luther