2014 Hong Kong General Meeting Papers

“Emerging Asia and the Future of Liberty

August 31 to September 5, 2014

Session 1: Prospects Liberal Reforms in Asia
“Japan – Money Matters’ Reconfirmed: ‘Abenomics’ and Japan’s Experience in the Last Quarter Century” by Yoshinori Shimizu
“Korea: ROK’s Deregulation Policy Faces Numerous Obstacles” by Inchul Kim
“The Indian Economy: From Growth to Stagflation” by Deepak Lal

Luncheon Lecture
“Careless Opening Up of Countries (without Keeping the Anchor of the Nation-state) Leads either to Anarchy or to Global Governance: The Lessons of the European Experience” by Vaclav Klaus

Session 3: Prospects for Liberal Reforms in China
“The Power of Ideas and Leadership in China’s Transition to a Liberal Society” by Weiying Zhang

Session 4: Erosion of the Rule of Law and Corruption
“Why the Debate on Freedom in Development Fails to Happen” by William Easterly

Session 5: On Ronald Coase: His Work and Consequence
Coase on China: Property Rights and Transaction Costs Revisited” by Pedro Schwartz
“Ronald Coase, Firms and Markets” by George Priest

Session 6: Intergenerational Inequality and the Middle Class
“The Fate of America’s Middle-Class, 1975 to Present: Face and Fiction” by Donald Boudreaux

Session 7: The Coming Inflation Threat
“The Coming Inflation Threat” by Pascal Salin
“What would Milton Freidman Have Thought of Market Monetarism?” by Scott Summer
“The Future of Inflation” by Edward Lazear

Session 8: China and the World
“China: Some Strategic Considerations” by Edward Luttwak

Session 9: Social Engineering and Demography in China
“Demographics and Entrepreneurship” by James Jian-Zhang Liang
“The Impact of China’s On Child Policy and Prospects for Change in China” By Andrea Den Boer 

Session 10: The Past and Future of Liberalism
“The Slow and Hidden Road to Serfdom” by Peter Bernholz